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Bankruptcy Law South Florida. Immediately, upon filing the petition by your bankruptcy lawyer an automatic stay goes into effect provided you have not been involved in the filing of recent bankruptcy cases. This prevents creditors from making direct contact with you or staking a claim to any of your property from the date of filing. Creditors will be obligated to contact your bankruptcy attorney. When you contact First Legal, one of our bankruptcy attorneys will answer your questions as to your options to deal with foreclosure, to reestablish your credit in as little as two years, to deal with the repossession of your car, creditors garnishing your salary and bank account, threatening and harassing phone calls from collection agencies and credit card companies, to reinstate your driver’s license immediately upon filing because of an accident due to lack of insurance, and to eliminate credit card debt and be debt free. That is what First Legal can do for you. The first bankruptcy lawyer consultation is free, and you will meet with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys, not with a secretary or a bankruptcy paralegal. We will examine your financial situation carefully and advise you as to the best course of action in your situation, which may or may not include the immediate filing of a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy depending on your circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorney fees are kept as low as possible and can be paid over a period of time prior to filing your bankruptcy case. As soon as we are retained, and with your with your permission, we will access your credit report, review relevant public records and websites to determine if you should file for bankruptcy in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach and when it is the best time to file for bankruptcy.

At First Legal will explain the bankruptcy process, including the bankruptcy required credit counseling class you will need to take on the phone or on the internet before we file your bankruptcy chapter 7 or chapter 13 petition and the bankruptcy financial management class you will need to take after your case is filed to receive a bankruptcy discharge. We will review, determine and explain how debts are dealt with in bankruptcy and which debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy.

At First Legal you will receive the dedicated attention of an experienced team of qualified attorneys that will partner with you during the entire process and will be at your disposal whenever you have questions or concerns to discuss. We will do it an affordable flat fee.


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