Broward Bankruptcy Law

Broward Bankruptcy Law. If you are facing overwhelming debt, you probably feel like you are stuck, like you have no options or that there is nothing you can do. First Legal in South Florida is here to help. We know that you need a hand up to conquer your debt, not a hand out. A helping […]

Miami Broward Bankruptcy Lawyers

Miami Broward Bankruptcy Lawyers. At First Legal will explain the bankruptcy process, including the bankruptcy required credit counseling class you will need to take on the phone or on the internet before we file your bankruptcy chapter 7 or chapter 13 petition and the bankruptcy financial management class you will need to take after your case […]

South Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers

South Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers. Our commitment to you is that when you contact First Legal you will speak directly to an experienced bankruptcy attorney, not a paralegal or secretary. We understand how unexpected events can land even the most careful person in financial hardship. We understand the difficulties families go through when faced with the possibility […]

South Florida Bankruptcy Law

South Florida Bankruptcy Law. Chapter 7 offers immediate relief from the burden of unmanageable debt. It is available to debtors who are unable to reorganize their debts through a Chapter 13 Debt Reorganization. The main benefit of Chapter 7 is that you will emerge from bankruptcy without any further future obligations on your discharged debts. Chapter […]

Bankruptcy Law Broward County Florida

Bankruptcy Law Broward County Florida. People file bankruptcy to eliminate: Credit card debt, Medical bills, Income taxes older than three years, repossessions, creditor lawsuits, and other debts; To stop the constant harassment by creditors at home and at work; To stop a foreclosure lawsuit; To stop wage and bank garnishments; To reinstate a driver’s license suspended […]

Bankruptcy Attorneys Miami Dade Broward County

Bankruptcy Attorneys Miami Dade Broward County. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the quickest form of bankruptcy and can help eliminate most kinds of unsecured debt. From filing to discharge the process can take less than four months in many cases. Chapter 13 is advisable for people who have a regular income and can afford a payment plan […]