Information Needed Debt free Law Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Florida Broward Palm Beach
  • Income Tax Returns, individual and business, including Schedules and W-2’s, for the past three (3) years.
  • Six (6) months of paycheck stubs prior to filing including non filing spouse.
  • Banks statements for all bank accounts for the last six (6) months prior to filing.
  • Copies of registration and/or titles to all motor vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. If secured or leased, security agreement and latest monthly statement.
  • Latest monthly Mortgage statements for all real property.
  • All documents relating to retirement accounts, including IRA’s, and 401K plans.
  • Copies of any correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service or other taxing authority.
  • Proof of insurance for all vehicles.
  • Separation agreements or decrees of dissolution or divorce within the past one (1) year.
  • Copies of any lawsuits filed within the past two (2) years.Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney Dade Broward Florida Chapter 7 13
  • Stock certificate, bonds, credit unions and passbook savings accounts and statements evidencing investments or savings.
  • Valid photo identification such as a driver’s license and proof of your social security number.
  • Documents verifying debtor(s) interest in any future property.
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